Thursday, 26 April 2012

Meet the Teams of TAR:AUS 2!

Sarah and James / Dating

They have a nine-year age gap and Sarah can't race without wearing make-up, heels and skirts. Seriously? Wouldn't be surprised if they go out early.

Donna and Kym - Married

Dave and Kelly 2.0 . Old married couple, badasses well, what else? Be rooting for them! Oh, wait, does she look like Jessie J or what?

Joseph and Grace / Siblings

Definitely going to be one of the most annoying bickering teams this season. 

Lucy and Emilia / Sisters

Sisters from Sydney with Italian heritage. Umm.. Alana and Mel 2.0? I hope so!

Jo and Michelle / Twin Cheerleaders

Twins AND Cheerleaders. Prepare for double trouble, guys.

 Paul and Steve / Workmates

Steve proclaims to having 'perceived arrogance'. I don't even know what hat means.

Shane and Andrew / Police Officers

Hmm...I have a good vibe from them. They also said they won a singing competition of some sort. *shrugs*

Sue and Teresa / Hippie Hairdressers

Hippies! Who doesn't love them? These two think they're the "Earth mothers" of the race. 

Sticky and Sam / Bestfriends

What kind of name is Sticky?! Anyway, they're both sports fans and on the look for lurve. Well, good luck with that, mate.

Adam and Dane / Cousins

Their mission in the race is for Adam to drive without looking at his reflection in the mirror. Whut?

Tarryn and Ross / Daughter & Father

A father/daughter team! These type of teams always manage to stay long in the race. Hope the 'blessing' works for them too.

All photos belong to Yahoo!7 

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