Thursday, 26 April 2012

Meet the Teams of TAR:AUS 2!

Sarah and James / Dating

They have a nine-year age gap and Sarah can't race without wearing make-up, heels and skirts. Seriously? Wouldn't be surprised if they go out early.

Donna and Kym - Married

Dave and Kelly 2.0 . Old married couple, badasses well, what else? Be rooting for them! Oh, wait, does she look like Jessie J or what?

Joseph and Grace / Siblings

Definitely going to be one of the most annoying bickering teams this season. 

Lucy and Emilia / Sisters

Sisters from Sydney with Italian heritage. Umm.. Alana and Mel 2.0? I hope so!

Jo and Michelle / Twin Cheerleaders

Twins AND Cheerleaders. Prepare for double trouble, guys.

 Paul and Steve / Workmates

Steve proclaims to having 'perceived arrogance'. I don't even know what hat means.

Shane and Andrew / Police Officers

Hmm...I have a good vibe from them. They also said they won a singing competition of some sort. *shrugs*

Sue and Teresa / Hippie Hairdressers

Hippies! Who doesn't love them? These two think they're the "Earth mothers" of the race. 

Sticky and Sam / Bestfriends

What kind of name is Sticky?! Anyway, they're both sports fans and on the look for lurve. Well, good luck with that, mate.

Adam and Dane / Cousins

Their mission in the race is for Adam to drive without looking at his reflection in the mirror. Whut?

Tarryn and Ross / Daughter & Father

A father/daughter team! These type of teams always manage to stay long in the race. Hope the 'blessing' works for them too.

All photos belong to Yahoo!7 

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Amazing Race Australia 2

Australia is back with a new season! Well, sorry if I mysteriously stopped recapping last season's episodes (people get lazy sometimes), but I'll be back in a few weeks! I'll also show the teams when the producers officially release their bios. Adios!